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Can I rename uploaded image?

Hello, can I rename uploaded images? My uploaded images have specific name formats and I made mistake and uploaded wrong format image names and already annotated these images. I dont want to loose these annotations on these images when I upload new images with correct.

About services.

Hi. Do you create databases(for speech-to-text engine) from scratch by order?

How to download Annotated Images

Folder, Annotation JSON Fused images Original images Blue masks

Downloading video from local file system

Is it possible download video from local file system or internal server. I have the error when try to open video from local server. Now I can upload and work only external video.

View of tags

Is it possible to view tags from right panel with quick access or not?

Query for all images with a certain class

what is the query command to get images that have a particular class = "P" does not do it. Where do I enter the command.

My annotater cannot see project

Hello, I have set up a new project and added annotator. From my end, everything is okay. My annotator cannot view the images in the pipeline. Please help.

How can I calculate analytics for my entire team (not just per project)

I would like to calculate analytics for the entire team that has worked on multiple projects is this possible?

Image upload fails

Hi, I am trying to upload images to one of my vector projects with the UI. The images are .jpg images with roughly 80MP and I can open them on my computer without any problems. When I try to upload them it starts uploading but then suddenly stops and just says "Something went wrong, please try again later". I did upload similar sized images succesfully in the past and I also uploaded some small images succesfully today but all files above 6MB in size return the same error. I am on a Starter subscription that's barely containing any images yet so as I understand it I should be able to upload all my .jpg images as long as they do not exceed 100MP... Are there more upload restrictions I am not aware of that block my uploads? Thanks for any help!

Starter plan

I understand that you have the option for a package of Starter plan 78$ I would love to have access to this .. I'm getting an upgrade and it's straight asking me for the PRO program I'm only interested in a Starter program. In addition, I'm currently uploading a 35MB video but it's taking time. Is there a reason for this? Maybe because it's a Free Trial?