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你好,我下载的是1.0.0.0版本的,软件界面没有团队模块和智能标注模块,想问一下,有功能齐全的软件么,或者可以在python上实现标注的功能么,我无法在我现有的superannotate 上(windows版本)看到团队模块和智能识别模块。

Can't I put the Annotation import function in the Video Editor?

Hello, Let me ask you a few questions. 1. Can't I put the Annotation import function in the Video Editor? 2. There is a Ctrl + Shift + right arrow function. Can you also create an object reduction function that you selected as Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow? 3. When modifying another Polygon class that has already been drawn, I wish there was a connection point between the classes so that it could be modified.

Is it possible to have 2 team owners for a single team?

As an owner- I only have the option to set team members to contributors/admins. Thank you!

Python SDK

Hello, hope you are doing well. I am trying to load my files to SuperAnnotate with python and save the url for each datapoint for taler labeling; however the url of SuperAnnotate is encoded( and I cannot generate this url inside the Python code. So how is it possible to get these url-s for each data. Thank you.

Not able to see all tools in the tool bar

Hi Team, is there any way to see all tools in the tool bar like before ( polyline, polygon, bounding box, ellipse) with out checking for key board shortcut keys

Smart segmentation in pixel mode button not found

I created a Image pixel project and now I am trying to generate "Smart segmentation" following next instruction According to instruction should be a button in the project near the image or multiple images that allow to run this model but it's just doesn't exist (The smart segmentation button have been exist on the right side of the image while the trial user before). *I am sure I am under pixel project. Did you moved the button to other place on the GUI or I didn't turn ON some functionality?

How to skip an image

I am unable to skip the image after the latest release how to move the image in to skipped state

why we not sign up this website.

why we not sign up this website. and only sign in option is available sir please guide me.

How to upload a video via Python SDK upload_video_to_project() function?

I have created a new project and wanted to upload the first video to it. I don't use any cloud storage integration, so I simply want to upload the video via the Python SDK. So after installing it via pip and and setting the SDK auth token I called the function like so: import superannotate as sa sa.upload_video_to_project(project="test", video_path="/path/to/video-01.mp4") However, that leads to the following error: AppException: The function does not support projects containing videos attached with URLs But this is a completely new and empty project, not attached videos with URLs. What am I doing wrong here?

Are task link urls supported?

It seems as though a copied url from a specific task links to the first task in the project and not the specific task from where it was copied. Is there a way to copy /paste the link to take the user to the specific task in the project folder?