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Lock all annotations of a certain class

I want to overlay an annotation ontop of the image to aid in the next classes annotation. I can lock the specific annotation class on each individual image but Is there a way to lock a specific class across all images so that myself or other annotators don't accidentally drag it to a different location.

No token generate button

In my Team Setup > Detalis page there isn't the token generate button. I followed these instructions: <> Thanks!

How can I export a report with count by instance name?

I'm currently involved in a project that requires a minimum number of labels per Class_instance name. I'm interested in obtaining a comprehensive report that includes all combinations of class names and instance names to track these numbers. However, I'm currently only able to extract either the class name or the total instance count, but not the specific combinations of classes and instances. How can I generate a more detailed report in this context?

Instances go missing after submitting an image for QA

Some of my annotators have been complaining that their annotations have gone missing after submitting an image for QA. I am returning their annotations with a comment stating that they forgot to tag a few instances. They have told me that they did complete the tagging, but it seems that not all of it is being saved when subimitting to QA.

ExternalId for AWS Integration Changes

Whenever add integration -> AWS is performed to show the S3 integration modal, the externalId given for the trust relationship changes. This makes it difficult to setup an integration when team responsible for managing IAM roles does not have access to SuperAnnotate and vice-versa. I attempted to replay the request using the external id that the IAM role was given in the json payload, however this still failed.

Show/Hide instance issue

Hi! I now have access to the Python SDK of SuperAnnotate. I have a question regarding the Show/Hide instance feature for Image Segmentation: Is it possible to use a command on my dataset that sets all instances to "Show" and ensures that no instance is in "Hide" mode? Explanation of my problem: Some reviewers in my team have used the "Hide" option to see what is behind the mask. However, when they move to another image, they sometimes forget to switch the instance back to "Show." The issue arises when I download the annotations because I noticed that this option modifies the mask, resulting in an undesired mask. I have checked the documentation, but I couldn't find any information about an automated command for this purpose. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. Pierre

Help request

Hi, when i click on the label projects i can see the files, but when i click on the files all i see as a blank page. Please help.

Pro package cost info please

Our startup is developing an application using computer vision. What is the cost of the Pro package when we move from the free package to Pro. Currently we only need labeling.

Can't I put the Annotation import function in the Video Editor?

Hello, Let me ask you a few questions. 1. Can't I put the Annotation import function in the Video Editor? 2. There is a Ctrl + Shift + right arrow function. Can you also create an object reduction function that you selected as Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow? 3. When modifying another Polygon class that has already been drawn, I wish there was a connection point between the classes so that it could be modified.

Is it possible to have 2 team owners for a single team?

As an owner- I only have the option to set team members to contributors/admins. Thank you!