Comments help you communicate mistakes and requirements with the members of your project. Collaboration has never been more seamless.


Comments are available in Image Projects only.

Add comment

To add a comment:

  1. In the editor, click Comment in the left panel or press C on the keyboard.
  2. Click where you want to add the comment.
  3. Type a text.
  4. Click the send button or press Enter on the keyboard.

A red dot will appear on the created comment's icon.


Image status when you add a comment

When you add a comment, the image's status doesn't change.

Resolve comment

To resolve a comment:

  1. Select the comment.
  2. Click the green arrow.

When you resolve a comment, the red dot on the comment disappears.


Who can resolve comments?

Only Team OwnersTeam Admins, and Project Admins can resolve comments.

Delete comment

To delete a comment:

  1. Select the comment.
  2. Click the delete button.
  3. In the popup, click Yes.


Who can delete comments?

Only Team OwnersTeam AdminsProject Admins, and QAs can delete comments.

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