Duplicate Mode

Use Duplicate Mode to copy instances from one frame (or image) to another. Duplicate Mode makes it easy to annotate video frames.

Use Duplicate Mode


To enable Duplicate Mode and copy instances from one frame (or image) to another:

  1. Click Duplicate Instance in the top panel.
  2. Hover over the instances you want to copy, and click the + button if you want to copy the instance.
  3. In the image panel, click on the image(s) where you want to copy the instances.


  • Duplicate Mode allows you to copy annotated objects as well as their assigned classes and attributes.
  • You can change the dimensions and the locations of the instances without disabling Duplicate Mode.
  • If you change the dimension or size of an instance and move to another image, the modifications will be duplicated.


Switching between one frame (or image) to another

  • The zoom level is maintained the same while switching between images. This is especially helpful when tracking an object in a video; you won’t have to adjust the zoom level every time you switch images.

  • Note that if you zoom in on an image, switch to another one where the zoom coordinates are missing, the zoom level will be reset to the default level.