August 20, 2023

This release, we bring you the brand-new Custom LLM Editor! We’ve also added Embedding features to the Explore tab, as well as improvements to the Analytics tab and Video Editor. Check them out!

Custom LLM Editor

We’re introducing a whole new editor and project type that is customizable to best fit your project’s needs. The Custom LLM Editor allows you to easily create a form that you can use to train your LLM model.

The form can be built with various input and UI components that can be customized and given specific functionality through a code editor. When the form is set up, you can make API calls to your LLM model and use the results to train and fine-tune it more effectively.

Embeddings and Similarity Search

We’re introducing embeddings! Implementing them into your project’s dataset gives you the opportunity to make use of the Explore tab’s more advanced curation features. These provide you with more holistic dataset representation and new perspectives when managing your project.

The first of these advanced features is the Similarity Search. With the help of embeddings, it can be done in two ways:

  • Find Similar, which shows you all visually similar items based on your selection
  • Natural Language Search, which takes in a word or phrase and returns the closest matches to your search. (Coming soon)


Your dataset’s analytics reports can now be downloaded as CSV files through the Analytics tab. You can choose to download each individual chart’s report separately, or all of them together in one file.

Other changes & improvements

We’ve made some improvements to the Video Editor:

  • We’ve boosted the performance of the Video Editor to give you a smoother, faster experience.
  • Polygons can now be edited and reshaped faster by using Ctrl + left-click to select multiple points at once. When you click and drag to reshape, it will automatically move all of the selected points together.
  • You can now navigate the Video Editor a little easier using the W, A, S, and D keys on the keyboard while drawing a Polygon.
  • You can now navigate between keyframes while having multiple instances selected.

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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