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Getting started

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SuperAnnotate Python SDK is available on PyPI. Use the following command on your terminal to install our SDK.

pip install superannotate
import json
token_path = "./config.json"

with open(token_path, "w") as tf:
    json.dump({"token": "8b36084c7a65727485c535812ed21c303f4adb15d1373c1bb0c"}, tf)


The package officially supports Python 3.6 + and was tested under Linux and Windows platforms.


Windows Support

For Windows based Anaconda distribution you might need to install shapely with conda install shapely.


SDK functions work within the team scope of SuperAnnotate Web’s platform, so a team-level authorization is required.

To authorize SDK in a team scope, follow these steps:

  1. Get the Python SDK authorization token from the My Teams page.
  1. Run superannotate init in the terminal and plug the token to authorize SDK. This will create a configuration file with the token in a default location.
superannotatecli init
Input the team SDK token from ******
SA-PYTHON-SDK - INFO - Configuration file ~/.superannotate/config.json successfully created.
import superannotate as sa

#path to token config with structure {"token": "303f4adb15d1373c1bb0ccb7"}
token_path = "./config.json"


Only Team owners who have a PRO subscription can retrieve the Python SDK authorization token.

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Getting started

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