This button is a simple component that can be programmed to respond in any given way when clicked.


  • Button text - Text input indicating the button text.
  • Label - A switch to enable or disable the adding of text to the button.
  • Add info icon - Disabled by default. When enabled, it shows a tooltip icon on the component. The tooltip shows text that can be entered in the component’s properties.
  • Icon - A switch to enable or disable the adding of an icon to the button.

Related Functions

  • disable(path: List[Union[str, int]]) - Disables the component.
  • enable(path: List[Union[str, int]]) - Enables the component.
  • setloading(value: boolean, path: List[Union[str, int]]) - Sets the component to a loading state.

Related Events

  • on_<component id>click(path: List[Union[str, int]]): - Fired when the button is clicked.

playground primary button