The Explore tab is a useful project curation tool that allows you to view your data through more selective criteria than just file names. Here, you can search for items in LLMs and GenAI Projects, Image Projects, Video or Audio Projects, and Text Projects more thoroughly using JSON queries in the search bar. The query language used here is native to SuperAnnotate.

This is a feature found under the Explore tab in the left panel. It’ll allow you to overview your entire project through specific criteria, such as item status, class names, etc. It’ll give you a quick way to understand what stage all of your data is at within each project, such as:

  • Find all items corresponding to a specific status or class
  • Make use of bulk actions on multiple (or all) items at once
  • Search for specific items using queries
  • And more.


The Explore tab is available for the following roles: Team Owners, Team Admins, and Project Admins.

Explore view
Bulk actions