✨Annotate Similar

Annotate Similar allows you to significantly automate and speed up the annotation process with a one-shot annotation technique. Instead of tedious iteration over each item in the dataset, Annotate Similar suggests a whole cluster of similar items based on a single reference.

You can enable this feature when creating a project, so long as it has been made available for your organization.

one shot annotation

You must first manually annotate an item in the editor in order to create a reference. When you select that item in Instance View, the feature will use this reference to find items with similar content and suggest annotations.

Annotate similar items

To annotate similar items:

  1. In the Explore tab, go to Instance View and select an item.
  2. Click Annotate Similar.
  3. Select one or multiple items from the suggested results.
  4. Click Assign class.
  5. Select a class from the dropdown list.
  6. If you want to continue to assign classes to items using the same suggestions, click Assign and Continue and repeat steps 3-5.
  7. If you want to finish annotating and see your results, click Assign and Finish.


  • This feature can only be used with Bounding Box and Polygon instances.
  • You can only select one reference at a time.
  • Depending on whether you've selected a Bounding Box or a Polygon instance, Annotate Similar will suggest annotations using the same instance type, as is shown below.

annotate bounding boxes

To enable this feature

When creating your image project, you must switch on the Annotate Similar feature so that you can later use it on your items.


This option can't be changed after the project is created.