Create an integration with AWS or GCP with SuperAnnotate to add items (images, videos, documents) from your cloud storage to SuperAnnotate. SuperAnnotate will have read-only access to your data; your items are stored in your cloud storage and are only displayed in SuperAnnotate.

Get integrations list

To get the list of your integration(s):


The returned data contains the name of your integration(s), the bucket’s name, and the type of storage:

        'name': 'AWS-Integration',
        'root': 'main-bucket-for-integration',
        'type': 'aws'

Attach items

To attach items via integrations:

project_name = 'Project Name'
integration_name = 'AWS-Integration'
aws_folder_path = 'data/folder_1'

    project = project_name,
    integration = integration_name,
    folder_path = aws_folder_path