Top panel

video editor top panel

Tool numberTool description
1Undo action
2Redo action
4Show/Hide instance labels
5Instructions link
6Instructions file
8Time spent in the editor (per user)
9Status change

Bottom panel

video editor bottom panel

Tool numberTool description
1Switch to the previous item
2List of items in the project
3Switch to the next item
4Disapprove item
5Approve item
6Jump 1 second backward
7Play/Pause item
8Jump 1 second forward
9Mute/Unmute item
10Item speed
11Jump to X timestamp. The timestamp in the editor is a rounded number and it's displayed in milliseconds whereas it's exported as a precise number in microseconds.
12Total duration of the item
13Go to current time
14Timeline. Resize it by dragging the slider to change the unit of measurement of the item duration.

Right panel

video editor right panel

Tool numberTool description
1Expand/Collapse all the instances
2Sort the list by creation date, group size, class name, or timestamp.
3Delete all the instances in the item
4Show/Hide the instances
5Class name
6Instance type
7Add instance section
8Delete instance
9Show/Hide instance

Left panel

video editor left panel

Tool numberTool description
1Select object
3Bounding box
5Tag item
6Class selection
7Keyboard shortcuts