Go to Contributors to add and remove project contributors, and change their roles.




Choose a team member from the drop-down list


Choose a role from the drop-down list


Share the project


Search project contributors


Choose a role from the drop-down list to change the role of the project contributor


Click X to remove a project contributor

Add contributor

To add a contributor to a project:

  1. In Contributors, choose a team member's name (verified user) or email (unverified user).
  2. Assign a role to the team member. The roles are: Admin, Annotator, and QA. Learn more about user permissions in teams and projects.
  3. Click Share.


You can't add a contributor to your project if they aren't a team member.

Remove project contributor

To remove a contributor from a project:

  1. In Contributors, find the contributor you want to remove.
  2. Click the X button.

Change project contributor role

To change the role of a project contributor:

  1. In Contributors, select the drop-down list next to a project contributor's name.
  2. Select a new role.
  3. In the popup, click Yes.

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