Create an integration with SuperAnnotate to add items from your cloud storage(s) to SuperAnnotate. SuperAnnotate will have read-only access to your data; your items are stored in your cloud storage(s) and are only displayed in SuperAnnotate.

With SuperAnnotate, you can integrate your AWS S3 buckets, GCP storages, Azure storages, and any custom storages.


  • Only Team Owners and Team Admins can create and manage integrations.
  • Uploading items from an external storage will define the upload methods of the project moving forward. This means any further item uploads will have to be done through an integration or by attaching them using SDK.
  • The annotation location path you choose when creating an integration will also define future upload methods, whether the annotation storage is SuperAnnotate or your bucket. For example, let’s say you’ve created a project and you upload items through an integration that stores annotations on SuperAnnotate’s servers. If you choose to upload more items later on, you can only do so by using an integration that also stores its annotations in the same place.