How can I draw freely with the Polygon tool?

  1. Select the Polygon tool.
  2. Hold down the left click.
  3. Annotate your object.

How can I label points?

You can add point labels to Polylines, Polygons, Bounding Boxes, Rotated Boxes, Ellipses, and Cuboids. To add a point label:

  1. Select an instance.
  2. Right-click on a point.
  3. Enter a label name.
  4. Select the check icon.

What's the Clip mode?

Use the Clip mode feature for all types of segmentation. With Clip mode, you'll be able to create instances without having them overlapped. You can use this feature with the Polygon and Magic Select (SAM) tools only. Learn more.

Can I label texts with tokens?

Yes, SuperAnnotate offers two types of tokenization: Basic Tokenization and Smart Tokenization. Basic Tokenization labels words such as California and San in San Francisco, while Smart Tokenization labels sequences of words such as New York and United States of America.

Is there an easy way to shift between instances?

You can press Tab to shift between different instances.

How can I correct an object in the Video Editor if it's too long on the timeline?

You can split an object on the timeline to correct annotations. Learn more.