Relationships allow you to create correlations between instances in your text items. If you have multiple entities throughout your text item with classes that correspond to each other, you can create a Relationship class that you can use to link these entities together.

Create relationship

To create a relationship, you must do this through the Classes tab. Learn more.

Assign relationship

To assign a relationship between two entities:

  1. In the editor, select Relationship from the left panel or by pressing Shift + R on the keyboard.
  2. Click an entity to select it.
  3. Select a second entity to form the relationship.
  4. Assign a class to this relationship from the pop-up or from the Relationships tab in the right panel.
  5. You can click the Change direction button to switch the link’s direction (optional).

Remove relationship

To remove a relationship:

  1. First, find the relationship that you want to delete. This can be done by clicking the instance it’s assigned to, or by finding it under the Relationships tab.
  2. Click the corresponding Delete button.


There are a number of different attributes you can give a tag:

  • Single selection: A list of attributes that you can select one from.
  • Multiple selection: A list of attributes that you can select multiple options from.
  • Text input: A field that requires manual text input.
  • Numeric input: A field that requires manual numeric input.