There are a number of shortcuts to make your annotation experience quicker and easier. These shortcuts can be accessed in the editor by clicking the Shortcuts button. You can also take a look at all of the available shortcuts listed below.

2Switch to previous workflow step
3Switch to next workflow step
ZPolygon tool
Shift + ZEraser polygon tool
XBrush tool
Shift + XEraser brush tool
MBox "+"
Shift + MBox "-"
JEllipse "+"
Shift + JEllipse "-"
VSelect tool
CComment tool
IEyedropper tool
BBucket tool
AScroll viewport to left
DScroll viewport to right
WScroll viewport to top
SScroll viewport to bottom
RShow/Hide drawing canvas
OOverwrite mode on/off
Shift + QQA mode on/off
Shift + Up arrowApprove instance
Shift + Down arrowDisapprove instances
Ctrl + Shift + Up arrowApprove image
Ctrl + Shift + Down arrowDisapprove image
Shift + SSemantic mode on/off
Ctrl + ZUndo last change
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo last change
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + FComplete
Ctrl + QQuality Check
Alt + SSkip image
Ctrl + BReturn
Ctrl + Shift + RRevert
Ctrl + KOpen shortcuts panel
QDecrease the segmentation scale
EIncrease the segmentation scale
[Decrease brush size
]Increase brush size
Scroll upZoom in
Scroll downZoom out
Shift + Scroll upScroll image up
Shift + Scroll downScroll image down
Ctrl + Scroll upScroll image left
Ctrl + Scroll downScroll image right
Middle ClickDrag image
Right arrow / Alt + ScrollNext
Left arrow / Alt + ScrollPrevious
Ctrl / Cmd + PPin image
Alt + TTag image
Ctrl + Shift + ScrollChange brush size
Double Click in polygon toolComplete polygon
EscClose the comment window