About organizations

An organization is a layer where a company can manage all its teams (including the team members and data), and integrations. From now on, the resources of a company will be connected to its organization instead of an individual user.

Go to organization

When you sign in to SuperAnnotate, you’ll land on the Choose a workspace page. On this page, you’ll find all your teams.

If you're already signed in, click on the SuperAnnotate icon in the top left corner to go to the Choose a workspace page.


A user can be the owner and/or member of different organizations and non-organizational teams at the same time. So for example, a user can be the owner of the organization “Jupiter” and an annotator in the non-organization team “Saturn” simultaneously.


Delete account

  • Organization Owners can’t delete their accounts. To delete their account, they need to contact Customer Support for assistance.
  • When a member of an organization deletes their account, they'll be deleted from the organization(s) they belong to and their non-organizational teams.


When on the Choose a workspace page, you can use the search bar to look for a specific organization or team. Once you select Organizations or Teams on the search bar and type in the name, the list will be filtered accordingly.


  • You’ll only be able to make use of the search feature if you are an owner or contributor of at least 5 organizations, or 10 teams.
  • Team Admins and Contributors can only see teams that they are a part of.