Supported file formats

There are a number of ways to import files into your projects, and while you can upload most file formats, there is a limit to which formats are supported and can be opened in their respective editors. Below, you can find the list of all supported file formats, as well as any upload limitations that you may face.

Supported file formats


These formats are applicable for Image Projects and Image (Legacy) Projects.

File formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, TIFF, BMP, and TIF.

TIFF and TIF are only supported through direct uploads.



  • You can upload PDF, DCM and Video files to Image Projects by frame.

Video or Audio files

These formats are applicable for Video or Audio Projects.

File formats: OGG, WEBM, and MP4.

These formats are the same as what HTML5 supports. Learn more about browser compatibility.


This format is applicable for Text Projects.

File format: TXT.

You must have CORS enabled to see your documents in the editor, and SuperAnnotate supports text files with UTF encoding only.

Upload limitations

When importing items into your projects, keep in mind that some file types may have specifications, and you'll need to account for any upload limitations:

  • Direct upload - You can only upload 2000 images at a time via the UI, and we recommend uploading up to 1000 items at a time for a smoother process. This limit does not apply to importing files through SDK or CLI.
  • Folder item limit - You can only have up to a maximum of 50,000 items in a project's root or in any folder. If you try to import more than 50,000 items, the exceeding items won't be uploaded.
  • Project item limit - You can only have up to a maximum of 500,000 items per project.

Image specifications

Project typeMaximum image file sizeMaximum image resolution
Image Project100 MB100 MP
Image (Legacy) Project100 MB4 MP

Video specifications

Upload methodMaximum video size
Direct upload or CLI5GB
Attach URLsNo limit

Documents specifications

Because files are not stored in our local servers during integration, you will need to enable CORS for your Text Projects to be imported successfully. Learn more.