Autotrack uses a tracking algorithm to help you automate part of the annotation process for faster annotation.

How does it work?

When you click on Autotrack, it annotates the selected box for X length of the item. X is the custom jump length. So, if the custom jump length is 2 frames per second, then when you click Autotrack, it’ll annotate 2 frames forward. Autotrack uses information from the previous keyframes (box position and size) to predict accordingly. A section needs to have at least 2 keyframes for size and position for Autotrack to work.

To use Autotrack:

  1. Select a box.
  2. Make sure that the section is the last section of the box you want to Autotrack and has at least 2 keyframes for size and position.
  3. In the bottom panel, click Autotrack or press T on the keyboard.
  4. Your box will be annotated automatically for X frame(s) or second(s), depending on what you set in Settings.