Invite team members

Go to Members in Team Settings to manage your team members.

To go to Members in Team Settings:

  1. In the top-panel, select the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the ellipsis button next to the team whose details you want to change.
  3. Select Members.

Invite team members

To invite a team member or multiple team members:

  1. Go to your team.
  2. In Members, click Invite.
  3. Type an email address or multiple email addresses.
  4. Choose a team role: Contributor or Team Admin. A Team Admin can access all the team’s projects. A Contributor has access to the projects that are shared with them.
  5. Choose a starting project (optional).
  6. Choose a project role (optional).
  7. Click Invite.


If you choose Team Admin as a team role, both the Starting project and the Project role fields will be disabled because Team Admins have access to all their team’s projects.

Uninvite team members

To uninvite a team member:

  1. Go to your team.
  2. In Members, select the team member you want to uninvite.
  3. Click the delete button.
  4. In the popup, click Remove.

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