Filter images

To filter images in the project:

  1. In Data, click the filter button and filter the images based on the:

    • Pinned status:
      • All ( Pinned and unpinned images)
      • Pinned (Pinned images)
      • Not pinned (Unpinned images)
    • Approved/Disapproved status:
      • Approved (Approved images)
      • Disapproved (Disapproved images)
      • No approval (Images that are neither approved nor disapproved.)
    • Assignee:
      • No assignee (Images that don't have assignees)
      • No assignee: QA (Images that aren't assigned to QAs)
      • No assignee: Annotator (Images that aren't assigned to Annotators)
    • Annotation status: Any, Not started, In progress, Quality check, Returned, Completed, and Skipped.
    • Prediction: Any, Not started, In progress, Completed, and Failed.
  2. Click Apply to apply the filter.

Remove filter

To remove a filter:

  1. In Data, click the filter button.
  2. Click ResetApply.

Add free text tag

To add a free text tag on an image:

  1. In the left panel of the Image Editor, click Free text tag or press Alt + T on the keyboard.
  2. Type a tag in the text box.
  3. Click the + button or press Enter on the keyboard.

Remove free text tag

To remove a free text tag from an image:

  1. In the left panel of the Image Editor, click Free text tag or press Alt+T on the keyboard.
  2. Find the tag and click on its corresponding X button.

Add tag

To add a tag on an image:

  1. Go to the Tags tab in the right panel.
  2. Click the + button of the tag you want to add or just select the tag.

Remove tag

To remove a tag:

  1. Go to the Tags tab in the right panel.
  2. Click the delete button of the tag you want to delete.

To remove all the tags:

  1. In the right panel of the editor, select Tags.
  2. Click the delete button at the top of the tags list.

Approve/Disapprove image

To approve or disapprove an image:

  1. Open an image in the editor.
  2. In the image panel, hover over its thumbnail.
  3. Select the thumbs up button to approve the image or the thumbs down button to disapprove the image.

When you approve or disapprove an image, the thumbs up button will turn green and the thumbs down button will turn red.


  1. Approving or disapproving an image doesn't change its status. An image can be approved and still be in progress.
  2. If at least one instance is disapproved, then the whole image is disapproved.
  3. Only Team Owners, Teams Admins, and Project Admins can approve and disapprove images.

Image status

To change the status of your image, go to the Image Editor and click one of the following buttons in the top-right panel (there are no buttons for Skip; press Alt + S on the keyboard):

  • Complete: To complete an image.
  • Quality check: To send an image to the QA.
  • Return: To return an image to the Annotator.
  • Skip: To skip an image because it's not useful to your model or because it doesn't contain the classes you want.

The table below shows the status buttons that are available or unavailable to each project contributor role.

Status buttonProject AdminAnnotator (can complete image)Annotator (can't complete image)QA
Quality check:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x:

Request images

To request images:

Method 1

In Data, click Request tasks.

Method 2

In the image panel of the Image Editor, click +.


  • Only Annotators and QAs can request images. They'll automatically be assigned up to 50 images and can't have more than 50 images at a time.
  • Annotators and QAs have to finish working on the assigned images to be able to request more images.