Analytics overview

Analytics is a useful tool that can be found in the FineTune tab in the left panel. It can give you an in-depth look at your project’s performance so that you can monitor it more closely. There are a few different charts that can be filtered to best suit your needs. These charts can be found under: Status distribution, Team performance, Class distribution, and Component distribution.

At the top of the Analytics tab, you’ll see a quick project overview. From this section, you’ll be able to see the overall progress displaying how many instances have been created and how much time has been spent on the project.

analytics overview

The overview shows information regarding instances and work hours:

  • Instance count: Total number of instances created across the project
  • Instance count in completed items: Total number of instances across completed items
  • Total hours spent: Shows total hours spent on the project by all roles
  • Annotation hours spent: Total hours the Annotator(s) spent working in the editor for a project or folder
  • QA hours spent: Total hours the QA(s) spent working in the editor for a project or folder
  • Admin hours spent: Total hours the Admin(s) spent working in the editor for this project or folder (not visible to Annotators and QAs)


  • Annotators and QAs can only see the hours that they have individually spent in each role. For example, an Annotator who has also worked items as a QA can see the hours they spent as both roles, but they won’t be able to see the total hours spent by all contributors.
  • Grouped Contributors will only be able to see the analytical information of the data scope shared with their group.


Instance count and Instance count in completed items are unavailable for LLMs and GenAI projects.

Download reports

From the top of the Analytics tab, you’ll be able to download your project’s analytical reports.

To download a report:

  1. In the top right, click the Download button.
  2. Select a report: Status Distribution, Item Information, Time Information, Class Distribution, Component Distribution, or Download All Reports.

Clicking an option will begin the download process. You’ll receive a CSV file with the option’s corresponding information.


Download All Reports will download one file that contains all reports.