You can upload audios to Video or Audio Projects.

Upload audios from an integrated cloud storage

To upload audios from an integrated cloud storage:

  1. In Data, click Add.
  2. Select Upload Video or Audio.
  3. In the Integrations tab, select an integration from the list.
  4. Type a folder path (optional).
  5. Click Upload.

Learn how to create integrations.

Attach audio URLs

You can attach audios URLs to Video or Audio Projects only.

Method 1

Step 1: Create a CSV file containing the audio URLs

To attach audio URLs, first create a CSV file that contains the URLs. Use this template CSV file as a reference.


If the audio name field is empty, a name ID will be generated based on the row ID and a random UUID.

Step 2: Attach audio URLs via Python SDK

Link the audios to your project with this SDK command.

    project = "Project Name", 
    attachments = "./audio.csv",
    annotation_status = "QualityCheck")
superannotatecli attach-video-urls --project “Project Name/Folder Name” --attachments “./videos.csv” --annotation_status “QualityCheck”

Method 2

You can also attach items via a list of URLs:

    project = "Speech",
    attachments = [
        { "name": "16797.mp3", 
          "url": "" },
        { "name": "16798.mp3", 
          "url": "" },
        { "name": "16799.mp3", 
          "url": "" }

Supported audio file formats

SuperAnnotate supports the following audio file formats: MP3, WAV, and OGG.