You can use groups to efficiently manage a project’s data distribution between team members. You can share entire projects or just specific folders with the group of your choice.

Members of a group are restricted within the data scope of their own group. They can’t see any data that hasn’t been shared with them, nor can they see other groups. This'll allow you to work with different user groups (including different service providers) in one environment while maintaining the privacy of each user group from the rest.

Groups also allow you to manage members as a single unit by sharing a project or folder with them instead of multiple individual users.


Groups are private, so grouped Project Admins, Annotators and QAs can only see other members of the same group, and view data within the scope of their own group.

To manage contributors in your project, you can click on FineTune in the left panel, then go to Contributors under the Setup tab.

To learn about creating and managing your group, read about it here.

Share project with group
Define group data scope
Manage project access