Clip mode

Use the Clip mode feature for all types of segmentation. With Clip mode, you'll be able to create instances without having them overlapped. You can use this feature with the Polygon tool only.

To use Clip mode:

  1. Select the Polygon tool.
  2. Enable Clip mode in the top panel or press Alt+C on the keyboard.
  3. Draw a Polygon that intersects with an existing Polygon.

Now both Polygons are intersected; meaning they share a border and aren’t overlapped.

Case 1: Polygons partially intersect

When the new Polygon intersects with the existing Polygon, they share a border; they don’t overlap.

Case 2: Existing Polygon(s) divide(s) the new polygon into multiple pieces

If the existing Polygon(s) divides the new Polygon into multiple pieces; then each piece will count as one instance but all the instances will be grouped under the same group ID.

Case 3: Existing polygon(s) are completely inside the new Polygon

If the existing Polygon is completely inside the new Polygon, then the area of the existing Polygon will be subtracted from the area of the new Polygon.

Case 4: Newly created Polygon is fully inside the existing Polygon’s area

If the new Polygon you’re creating is completely inside the existing Polygon’s area, both Polygons will overlap.

Case 5: The existing Polygon has a hole and you draw a new Polygon around it

If the existing Polygon has a hole and you draw a Polygon around it, then the new Polygon will fill the hole.