Can I integrate my cloud storage with SuperAnnotate?

Yes, you can create an integration with SuperAnnotate to add items from your cloud storage(s) to SuperAnnotate. The following cloud storages are supported: AWS S3 buckets, GCP storages, Azure storages and Custom storages. SuperAnnotate will have read-only access to your data; your items are stored in your cloud storage(s) and are only displayed in SuperAnnotate. Learn more.

Who can attach items from my integrated storage?

Only Team Owners and Team Admins can attach items using integrations. You can allow Project Admins to attach items from integrated storages. Here's how:

  1. Go to SetupSettingsPermissions.
  2. Under Project Admin Permissions, enable Upload.

What are the limitations of integrated storages?

  • You can't upload more than 50,000 items to the root or a folder. The remaining items will be skipped.
  • A project can't contain more than 500,000 items.
  • A folder name can't exceed 120 characters and can't contain the following characters: / \ : * ? " < > |

What should be my S3 bucket's region?

It's up to you to decide your S3 bucket's region. Note that having the S3 in the region where your team is working will improve the image loading latency.