In Profile, you can edit your first and last name, add a profile photo, and delete your account.

To go to Profile:

  1. Click on your avatar.
  2. Select Manage account.


You can’t edit your email address.

Edit first and last names

Your first name and last name are mandatory.

To edit your first name or last name:

  1. Go to Manage account > Profile.
  2. Edit your first name and last name.
  3. Click Update.

Add profile photo

To add a profile photo:

  1. In Manage accountProfile, click Add Photo.
  2. Choose a photo from your computer.


Follow the same steps to change your profile photo.

Remove profile photo

To remove your profile photo, go to Manage accountProfile, and click Remove Photo.

Delete account

To delete your account:

  1. In Manage accountProfile, click Delete Account.
  2. In the popup, click Delete.


  • By deleting your account, you’ll lose your account and the teams that you own.
  • You can’t delete your account if you have at least one invited member in a team that you own.

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