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SuperAnnotate is the end-to-end image and video annotation automation platform that allows computer vision engineers to train data fast with top-notch quality and accuracy.

With SuperAnnotate, you can:


  • Create high-quality training datasets for computer vision tasks.
  • Automate annotations for predefined classes.
  • Review and curate your predictions or already existing annotations.
  • Train, iterate, improve and deploy computer vision models.

Service Marketplace

  • Find and test multiple annotation service professionals.
  • Choose one or multiple vetted teams based on the quality, price, and desired skillset.
  • Scale and manage those teams for increasingly large projects.
  • Track and measure the project progress as well as the annotation quality and speed.


To create an account to the signup page and enter your personal details, or sign up with Google. SuperAnnotate’s cutting-edge features will help you to manage computer vision projects like never before.

Check our video tutorials which can help you with the quick onboarding. Alternatively, here are a few tips for getting started

Start a project

Use SuperAnnotate’s project feature to manage projects efficiently. Create a team, choose the project type, and test it for quality assurance.


Invite people to your team

Add members to your team, define roles and responsibilities, and track time spent on each task.


Upload data to your account

You can import images, videos, and annotations from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more.


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