Share project with group

You can share a project with a specific group of contributors. Projects can be shared with multiple groups at a time. You can also specify how much of the project data group contributors have access to.

To share projects with groups:

  1. When in the Setup, go to the Groups tab.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Select a group. (Groups must have at least one member to be visible).
  4. From the Group members dropdown, select contributors from the chosen group.
  5. Pick a role: Annotator, QA, or Project Admin.
  6. Choose the data access scope for the group per project: Access to the whole project, or Specific folders. (Learn more)
  7. Select folders, if applicable.
  8. Click Share.


After sharing the project with contributors, they can be viewed both under the Groups tab and under the Contributors tab.


  • In step 4, you’ll only be able to see grouped members that don’t already have access to the project you are sharing.
  • Group Project Admins won’t have access to the Groups tab and will be able to view their group members under the Contributors tab. Project Admins that aren’t in any groups can view and manage all groups.