Project management

I'm manually assigning the items to the Annotators and QAs. Is there an easier way to do that?

If you don’t want to manually assign items to Annotators and QAs, ask them to click Request Tasks in Data. They'll be automatically assigned up to the number of items that's set in Request item number in Settings. The minimum number is 1, and the maximum number is 50 for Video or Audio Projects and Text Projects and 200 for Image Projects.

Can Project Admins upload or download data?

Project Admins can’t upload or download data unless you give them permission from Settings.

Can I convert my project type from Image (Legacy) to Image?

Yes, you can do that using the following function: superannotate.SAClient.convert_project_type(input_dir, output_dir).

  • input_dir (Pathlike(str or Path)) – Path to the dataset folder that you want to convert.
  • output_dir (Pathlike(str or Path)) – Path to the folder where you want to have converted files.

How can I sort the projects?

The projects are sorted by creation date (newest to oldest) by default. You can sort the projects by creation date (newest to oldest and vice versa) and status.

Can I copy items from one folder to another?

Yes, you can copy items from one folder to another. To do that, select the item, click Copy, and select the folder where you want to copy the item. You can also do this with SDK.

What folder structure does SDK support?

SuperAnnotate supports a two-level folder structure. Note that if the integrated storage has a folder structure with more than two levels, only the first-level and second-level folders will be uploaded.

How can I attach instructions to a project?

You can attach an instructions document or link to a project in SetupSettingsGeneral. Learn more.

Can I get a notification whenever an activity takes place in SuperAnnotate?

Yes, you can create an automation to receive a notification via webhook or email, or have a custom action take place, when an activity takes place in SuperAnnotate. Learn more.

Can I compare the annotation time between annotators?

Yes, you can compare the annotation time between annotators in Insights.

How can I cancel the export of a project from the UI?

To cancel the export of a project:

  1. In Downloads, click Cancel next to the project whose download you want to cancel.
  2. In the popup, click Cancel.