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Create a project

Step 1: Enter project details

In the left toolbar, select Projects > New project. Enter your project’s name and description, and choose the annotation type: Pixel or Vector.

Pixel projects

Choose Pixel if you want to complete semantic and panoptic segmentation projects using edge detection and image segmentation algorithms. The Pixel tools include Smart segmentation, Brush and Polygon.

Vector projects

Choose Vector if you want to complete object detection projects. The Vector tools include Points, Polyline, Polygon, Bounding Box, Ellipse, Template, Cuboid, and many more.
After choosing the annotation type, select Next.

Step 2: Add classes and attributes

You can add classes and attributes automatically or manually.

Method 1: Add classes and attributes automatically by choosing or dragging a JSON file from your computer.

Method 2: To add a class manually, select New class, enter a class name, and choose a color. Assign attributes to your class if you want it to be more detailed.

Select New attribute group and give it a name. Enter an attribute and select +. You can add multiple attribute groups and attributes.


Check Allow multiple selection if the attributes can exist within an object simultaneously. When you do that, you will be able to assign multiple attributes to an object. For example, if your annotated object is a car’s front right door, choose both front and right-left from the attribute group.


Do not check Allow multiple selection if the attributes cannot exist simultaneously. For example, a dog cannot be small and medium at the same time.

Step 3: Add contributors

Add team members to your project by selecting users from the drop-down menu, assign each member a role, then select Add. The roles are:

  • Admin
  • Annotator
  • QA
  • Customer
  • Viewer

Each role has specific project permissions.

When you're done, select Create.


You can still create a project even if you see this message: "There are no team members in this team." In this case, invite team members, then add contributors to your project.

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Create a project

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