There are a number of shortcuts to make your annotation experience quicker and easier. These shortcuts can be accessed in the editor by clicking the Shortcuts button. You can also take a look at all of the available shortcuts listed below.

VSelect object
Middle clickDrag
XBounding box
Enter / Double clickClose polygon / polyline
Ctrl + Click / DragMulti-select polygon points
Alt + TFree text tag
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + Shift + RRevert
Ctrl + LShow/Hide object labels
Shift + CShow/Hide class labels
Shift + AShow/Hide attribute labels
Shift + PShow/Hide point labels
Shift + GShow/Hide group labels
=Increase the brightness by 10%
-Decrease the brightness by 10%
]Increase the opacity by 5%
[Decrease the opacity by 5%
Shift + +Increase the contrast by 5%
Shift + -Decrease the contrast by 5%
Ctrl + FComplete
Ctrl + QQuality check
Ctrl + BReturn
Alt + SSkip
RShow/Hide objects
IAdd object section
Ctrl + Shift + Right arrowStretch the selected object(s) till the green line
Ctrl + Shift + Left arrowStretch the selected object(s) till the green line
Ctrl + GGroup selected instance(s)
Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup selected instance(s)
Ctrl + Shift + Up arrowApprove item
Ctrl + Shift + Down arrowDisapprove item
Left arrowJump backward
Right arrowJump forward
FFocus to current time
Shift + Right arrowJump to the next keyframe of the instance
Shift + Left arrowJump to the previous keyframe of the instance
Delete / BackspaceDelete instance from the current frame onward
/Split new object
\Split section
TabSwitch forward between the objects
Shift + TabSwitch backward between the objects
Scroll upZoom in
Scroll downZoom out
AScroll video canvas to the left
DScroll video canvas to the right
WScroll video canvas to the top
SScroll video canvas to the bottom
Shift + Scroll upScroll video up
Shift + Scroll downScroll video down
Ctrl + Scroll upScroll video left
Ctrl + Scroll downScroll video right
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + KOpen shortcut panel