Autotrack uses a tracking algorithm to help you automate part of the annotation process for faster annotation.

image autotrack

To apply Autotrack:

  1. In the Image Editor, annotate an object with the Point tool.
  2. Select the points that you want to track.
  3. Right-click and select Autotrack, or press T on the keyboard.

Your points will be annotated automatically for a number of items, depending on your settings. The items that have been tracked this way will be highlighted for you in the bottom panel.

image autotrack revert


Revert autotrack

  • If you want to undo the Autotrack action, you’ll have the option to revert the changes as soon as you’ve made them.
  • Making any additional changes after using Autotrack will remove the revert option.
image autotrack items


Set Autotrack image number

To choose how many items to run Autotrack on:

  1. In the Image Editor, select the settings icon in the top panel.
  2. In Autotrack, enter the number of items you want Autotrack to predict. This ranges from [1-20] with a default value of 10.