Filtering will allow you to specify parameters with which to show the project's metrics. These filters can be used for the Status distribution and Team performance sections and will affect the overall metrics displayed.

There are a few ways you can filter your project analytics: Folder, Roles, and Users.

Filter by folder

Here you can specify what parts of your project you want to analyze, whether it’s just the root items, items from specific folders, or everything all at once.

To filter by folder, pick one filter option:

  • All: Includes all the root items and folders.
  • Root items: Includes the items that don’t belong to any folder.
  • List of folders: Includes all the folder(s) in the project. This option allows you to select multiple folders of your choice.

Filter by role

To filter Analytics by role, click on one or multiple of the following roles: Annotator, QA, and Admin.

Filter user

To filter by user, you can select one or multiple users from the dropdown.


You can’t select a user filter and then select a role filter. When you do that, you’ll see a popup message asking you if you want to reset the user filter and proceed with the role filter or not.

To remove all filters, you can click Clear Filters.