Top panel

image (legacy) top panel

Tool numberTool description
1Undo action
2Redo action
3Show/Hide all instances
4Show/Hide comments
5Add instructions link
6Add instructions file
7Image opacity
8Instance opacity
9Line thickness
10Image brightness
11Image contrast
12Time spent in the editor
13Quality Check

Bottom panel

image (legacy) bottom panel

Tool numberTool description
1Show/Hide panel
2Number of the current image in the image panel
3Status information: hover to see the status distribution between images
4Previous image
5Next image
6Item name
7Copy item name
8Name of assigned QA
9Name of assigned Annotator
10Disapprove image
11Approve image
12Image status
13Click to see the current image in the image panel
14Filter images

Right panel

image (legacy) right panel

Tool numberTool description
1Expand/Collapse panel
2Delete all annotations
3Expand/Collapse classes
4Order by class name or group size
5Class name
6Select/Deselect instance
7Lock/Unlock instance
8Delete instance
9Disapprove/Approve instance
10More actions
11Show/Hide attributes

Left panel

image (legacy) left panel

Tool numberTool description
3Polygon tool
4Brush tool
5Box tool
6Ellipse tool
7Number of segments
12Class selection
13Zoom in
14Zoom out
15QA mode
16Switch between semantic segmentation and instance segmentation
17Overwrite mode