Token for Python SDK

You can generate a Python SDK Token, which is a Python-based kit that contains all the tools, libraries, and instructions that a developer needs to create software applications.

A token is an authentication key that gives you access to multiple API calls within the platform.

Go to Details in Team Setup to change your team's details and manage your SDK token.

There are two ways to go to Details in Team Setup.

Method 1

  1. Select the drop-down menu in the top panel.
  2. Click on the three dots corresponding to your team.
  3. Select Details.

Method 2

  1. Click Team Setup in the left panel.
  2. Select Details.

Generate a token for Python SDK

generate sdk token

To generate a token for Python SDK:

  1. When in Details, click Generate under SDK Token.
  2. Click the copy button to copy the link.


The validity period of the token is displayed on the page.

Revoke a token for Python SDK

revoke sdk token

To revoke a token for Python SDK: Go to Details and click Revoke under SDK Token .


Tokens that are revoked become invalid.

Share SDK token with Team Admin

The Team Owner can allow specific Team Admins to view SDK tokens. The Team Admins will be able to only view the token; they won’t be able to revoke it or generate a new one.

To share an SDK token with a Team Admin:

  1. InTeam Setup, go to Members.
  2. Find the Team Admin to who you want to give access to the SDK token.
  3. Check the View SDK token box.

To revoke access to the SDK token:

  1. Uncheck the View SDK token box.
  2. In the popup, click Change.


Please note that the Team Admin will still be able to use the SDK token they already have (as long as it’s still a valid token). If you want to make the token unavailable, you can revoke it or generate a new one.