December 12, 2021

We went big for this release. We changed the account management and the team creation flow. You can now also stretch events and boxes in the Video Editor and clone projects with attached URLs (SDK). Keep on reading to learn more!

Account management

In Manage account, you can manage your profile, security, and teams.


In Profile, you can change your first and last name, edit your profile photo, and delete your account. Learn more.


In Security, you can change your password. Learn more.


In Teams, you can see the list of all your teams, and create and delete teams. Learn more.

Team creation flow

We changed the team creation flow. Now there are two ways to create a team.

Method 1

  1. Select the drop-down menu in the top panel and click New Team.
  2. Enter a team name.
  3. Click Create.

Method 2

  1. Click on your avatar.
  2. Select Manage account.
  3. Under Teams, click New Team.
  4. Enter a team name.
  5. Click Create.

Team settings

Team Settings is where you can manage your team. It’s divided into two tabs: Members, where you can manage your team members, and Details, where you can change your team’s details and manage your SDK token.


In Members, you can:


In Details, you can:

New features in the Video Editor

To stretch a box or event on the timeline:

  1. Select an instance in the right panel or double-click on the instance in the timeline.
  2. Hover over the first or last keyframe of any instance.
  3. Drag the keyframe to the left or the right to resize the instance.


You can’t drag a keyframe over another keyframe.


You can drag a keyframe inside an instance to change its timestamp.

You can now also jump between the keyframes of the same instance and delete keyframes.

Changes in Advanced Search

  • Now you can use Advanced Search on images that were uploaded with Python SDK, images with attached URLs, or frames, without having to annotate them first.
  • Predicted images are now included in Advanced Search results.

Clone projects with attached URLs

To clone projects with attached URLs:

    project_name = "New Project Name",
    from_project = "Source Project Name",
    project_description = "New Project Description", 
    copy_annotation_classes = True, 
    copy_settings = True,
    copy_contributers = False)

Deprecated SDK functions

We deprecated the following functions:

add_annotation_comment_to_json add_annotation_template_to_json filter_images_by_comments
add_annotation_cuboid_to_image attribute_distribution filter_images_by_tags
add_annotation_cuboid_to_json coco_split_dataset get_annotation_class_metadata
add_annotation_ellipse_to_image create_fuse_image get_image_bytes
add_annotation_ellipse_to_json delete_contributor_to_team_invitation get_image_preannotations
add_annotation_point_to_json delete_image get_project_default_image_quality_in_editor
add_annotation_polygon_to_image delete_model image_path_to_annotation_paths
add_annotation_polygon_to_json df_to_annotations move_image
add_annotation_polyline_to_image dicom_to_rgb_sequence plot_model_metrics
add_annotation_polyline_to_json download_image_preannotations rename_folder

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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