December 4, 2022

This release brings you a revamped Text Editor, numeric and text attribute types in the Video Editor, the ability to change the status of a folder, and more.

Text Editor redesign

We’ve revamped the Text Editor and made it even more user-friendly. Check out how the new layout works!

  • In the left panel, find the text input tool and the class selection tool, both of which were previously in the top panel.
  • The right panel is divided into two tabs: Objects and Tags, where you can manage your objects and tags, respectively. Previously, you were able to add tags from the top panel.
  • In the top panel, everything still works the same. You can search for text extracts in the search bar. Also, you can use Classify next to classify the next instance with the class of the current instance, and you can use Classify all to classify all the instances with the selected class.

Numeric and text attribute types in the Video Editor

Previously, attributes in Video Editors had only two types: Single Selection and Multiple Selection. Now you can create attributes with the types Numeric and Text to complete transcription tasks, free text classification, and more. For Numeric attributes, Annotators have to enter a number, whereas, for Text attributes, they have to type a text.

Folder status change

Now you can change the status of a folder. To do that:

  • In Data, go to the Folders tab.
  • Select the status that corresponds to the folder whose status you want to change.
  • Choose a status from the drop-down list.

Random operator in queries

The queries in Explore now support the operator Random. When you run a query with this operator, you’ll get a randomized subset of data. This will help you increase efficiency in checking the quality of the annotations and the dataset’s health. So, if the query is metadata(status = InProgress ) random 50, 50 random items from the project that have the in In Progress status will be returned.

Other changes and improvements

  • You can run queries based on Numeric and Text attribute types in Video Projects as well as folder statuses.
  • SDK changelog

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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