July 9, 2023

With this release, we’re introducing Groups and improvements to the Magic Select and Autotrack features! Read on to learn more about the changes.


You can now sort your team members into private groups to define the project data scope for members easily and manage task distribution more effectively. This allows you to maintain project privacy between groups, as contributors that have been grouped can only see and work on the data shared with their group. Members of a group are also restricted from seeing other groups and what projects have been shared with others.

Group management

You can manage a created group in a number of ways. You can add members to an existing group, giving them access to projects shared with that group. You can also remove members, revoking their access to see and handle all the group’s data.

Sharing project with group

You can share a project with a specific group of contributors. Projects can be shared with multiple groups at a time. You can also specify how much of the project data group contributors have access to, whether it’s the entire project or specific folders within the project.

Manage project access

You can edit and manage how much of your project can be accessed by certain groups. You can share specific folders of the project with a group, or give them access to the entire project. You can also remove a group from the project so that they no longer have access to any of the data or folders.

Groups in Explore and Insights

You can manage and review the status of your projects based on the groups working on them. Through the Explore and Insights tabs, as a Team Owner or a grouped Team Admin, you will be able to see the progress each group has made. Grouped contributors can also look at these metrics, but they will only see the data that has been shared with their group.

Other features & improvements

We’ve also made some quality improvements to the Magic Select and Autotrack features.

The enhancements on the Segment Anything Model (SAM) behind Magic Select will help annotators to capture more details on the given image. Moreover, the new version of Magic Select significantly improves the runtime of auto-segmentation.

We have powered Autotrack with the class-agnostic visual tracker, which is now able to track any selected area on the video. Any manual changes provided to the object position at the given frame will now affect the automatic adjustment of object positions in subsequent video frames.

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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