March 12, 2023

With every release, we strive to bring new features to SuperAnnotate to help you create top-quality training data. Check out what we've been working on!

Magic Polygon

The Magic Polygon is a new tool in the Image Editor that automates the polygon annotation process.

  1. Scribble or draw a line on an object.
  2. Double-click or press Enter on your keyboard.

SuperAnnotate will work its magic and your object will be annotated with a Polygon!


We're restructuring the platform to make the processes of companies faster and easier to manage. We're doing this by introducing a new layer in the platform - organization.

An organization is a layer where a company can manage all its teams (including the team members and data), permissions, and billing. From now on, the resources of a company will be connected to its organization instead of an individual user.

So, multiple users can perform company-level actions, such as creating teams and setting up integrations and other enterprise features, instead of just one user.

Improvements in Explore

  • Now you can see the item status distribution in Explore. When you hover over the information icon next to the query bar, you can see the distribution of the query result by status.
  • There’s a new drop-down list that shows all the project's folders. If you click on Folder 1, only the items or instances of Folder 1 will be displayed in Explore.
  • The list view was removed from Explore in Image Projects.

Other features and improvements

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