November 12, 2023

This release brings you Component distribution in Analytics, Polygon autotracking, a new event in Orchestrate, and more!

Component Distribution

In the Analytics tab, you can now see the distribution of all components across your LLMs and GenAI projects.

On this new chart, you’ll be able to see the quantity of components in a project, as well as the frequency of any selectable options in a component. You can also examine this data more thoroughly using the Folder, Status, and Component filters.

Component distribution will be available when downloading your project’s Analytics reports.

Polygon autotrack

Like with the Bounding Box, you can now use the Autotrack feature with all Polygon instances across your Video projects. Even if your initial instance is inaccurate, the feature will track your object more precisely for you!

Download externally stored annotations

We’ve improved the downloads system for projects whose annotations are stored in an external cloud storage. When you want to download the annotation data, you’ll be able to select an external cloud storage and select the annotation location path as the destination.

Periodic events in Orchestrate

We’re introducing the first scheduled trigger, the Periodic event. With this, you can link it to a webhook or a custom action and define how often it will get triggered.

You can set a starting date and an end date, as well as decide the intervals in which the action will be triggered.

Other features & improvements

You can now share your Subsets from Image and LLMs and GenAI projects with anyone, whether or not they have access to the platform. You can generate a link that can be used to view the items from that subset and leave feedback.

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