October 1, 2023

This release brings you the new FineTune, Explore and Orchestrate layout, Comments in the Text Editor, annotation storage options, and more. Read on!

FineTune, Explore and Orchestrate

We’ve updated the UI of our platform to highlight and categorize all project tools under their own tabs. The tools available in the top right corner of your projects are now separated into two tabs accessible from the left panel: FineTune and Explore.

When you select a project, the Projects button will expand into two additional icons that’ll allow you to navigate between each tab accordingly.

FineTune contains all of your annotation and project management tools: Data, Analytics, Setup and Downloads.

Explore is focused on data curation and allows you to navigate your project’s information more thoroughly. This is where you’ll find the Explore and Insights tools.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to find and manage all of your project’s pipelines from the Orchestrate tab.

Annotation storage

As with AWS, you can now choose an annotation storage location for your GCP and Azure integrations. This location path can be either the SuperAnnotate servers or an external storage, and it can be selected when first creating your integration. This will allow you to maintain an extra level of project privacy and security by ensuring that all files and annotation data are in a location of your choice.

Comments in Text Editor

We’ve implemented Comments in the Text Editor. You can highlight any piece of text with a box and leave comments on your text items!

Other features & improvements

We’ve also made some additional improvements to a couple of features:

  • In the Explore tab, under Item Information, you may select to see the Point Labels used in your project. These will show on the item thumbnails the same way that instances and attributes do.
  • You may now select additional time frames in the Team Performance section of the Analytics tab. You can select Today to see information accumulated that day, or you may choose a Custom time frame entirely.

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