October 22, 2023

With this update, we bring you updates to Orchestrate, query search and a Web component for LLMs and GenAI projects, and more!

Orchestrate improvements

We’ve changed the way the History tab works in Orchestrate, improving your overall experience and automation process. These changes are listed below:

  • Actions are now grouped under Events.
  • There are two more columns:
    • From | To - In case of a status update, it’ll show you the original status and what it was updated to.
    • Scope - This displays the projects and folders, if any are specified, that the automation will be carried out in.
  • You can now search for a specific Event or Action using a search bar at the top of the History tab.
  • Each event in this list can also take you to its corresponding component in the canvas with one click.

LLMs and GenAI project improvements

You can now try out our LLMs and GenAI editor for free with some templates or a custom use case in the LLMs and GenAI Playground on our website.

We’ve incorporated a query language specific to LLMs and GenAI so that you can curate your project items through the Explore tab efficiently.

We’ve also added a new Web component that allows you to display a website by providing its source URL or HTML code.

Components in the left layout have been reorganized. Now, you can find any component you need under its corresponding category for a smoother creation process. In addition to these changes, we’ve also added the ability to Undo/Redo actions in the form.

Zoom View in Explore

We’re introducing the Zoom View in the Explore tab, available for all Image (Vector) and LLMs and GenAI projects. This feature allows you to examine your items closely without having to go to the editor, and leave your feedback on the go.

When in the Zoom View, you can set the approval and annotation status of an item, assign or change the contributors working on it, and leave comments. If you want to then view the item in the editor, you can do so with the click of a button.

Other features & improvements

You can now search for Organizations or Teams more effectively by filtering them in the search bar, bringing you more exact results.

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.
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