July 3, 2022

This release is packed with features that’ll take your SuperAnnotate experience to the next level. Keep on reading to find out our latest additions!

New tools in the Video Editor

The Polygon and Polyline tools just made their debut in the Video Editor, allowing you to cover more use cases.

Data tab redesign

We gave the Data tab a slight makeover. The following functionalities have been redesigned, everything still works the same way:

  • Uploading priority scores
  • Assigning items
  • Moving items
  • Copying items
  • Filtering items

New operator

When writing queries in the Explore tab, use the operator CONTAINS to search for a substring. The returned result contains that substring.

Column view and tags in Explore

You can now adjust the column view in the Explore tab of Vector Projects. Choose how many items there are per row. The number of items per row is 3 by default.

You can also see all the tag instance types at the bottom of each item. To hide the tags, go to Instance types and uncheck the Tag box. Note that the attribute groups and attributes are also shown when you hover over a tag.

Other changes and improvements

  • We removed the visible field from the format of annotations in Vector Projects.
  • SDK changelog

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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