June 12, 2022

We’re bringing you more features to the Explore tab, a small improvement in the Video Editor, and a few other changes. Keep on reading to learn more!

Display settings in Vector Projects

We added more functionalities in the display settings of the Explore tab's grid view. For example, you can now show/hide instances by their:

  • Approval status
  • Instance type
  • Group ID
  • Probability
  • Creation type
  • Creation date
  • Update date


Note that Display Settings is available for Vector Projects only.


You can now create subsets for your dataset. You can perform the following bulk actions in a subset: change the status of items, approve/disapprove items, set priority scores, and download items.

Set priority scores in bulk

You can also set priority scores in bulk in the Explore tab.

Other changes and improvements

  • We removed the Explore button from the Data tab. You can find the same functionalities in the Explore tab. The dataset links, such as this one, will remain accessible.
  • We also removed the Explore dataset checkbox from Team Settings.
  • You can now sort the list of instances in the Video Editor by group name, class size, and timestamp.

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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