April 10, 2022

For the past few weeks, we've been working on redesigning the Settings tab, bringing Query Search to Text Projects, and more.

Settings tab redesign

We redesigned the Settings tab and made it easier to navigate. It’s now divided into three sections: General, Editor, and Permissions. Learn more.

Add teams during integration setup

You can add your AWS integration and GCP integration to a selected team or multiple teams. The integration will be available in the selected team(s) only.

Note that this step is optional. If you don’t select a team, then the integration won’t be added to any team. You can always add the integration to a team from the Integrations list.

Query Search for Text Projects

Query Search is now available in Text Projects. Users can use Query Search to search for documents in Text Projects using more specific criteria than just document names. The fields and values entered in the query bar correspond to the JSON format. For a smoother experience, input the queries yourself or use autosuggestions. Learn more.

More features and improvements

  • You can layer instances in the Vector Editor.
  • The S3 bucket’s folder structure will be replicated in SuperAnnotate’s two-level folder structure.
  • Python SDK changelog

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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