February 27, 2022

This release brings you a new type of advanced search, a new class creation flow, a new project creation flow, and more.

Query Search

We’re bringing you a new type of advanced search; the Query Search. Query Search allows users to search images in Vector Projects using more specific criteria than just image names. The fields and values entered in the query bar match the JSON format. The best part? You can type the queries yourself or use autosuggestions. Now that’s an upgrade! Learn more.

New class creation flow

Some things have changed in the class creation flow in Vector Projects, but rest assured they’re good changes. Now you can create a class and use it for objects or tags. When you mention that you want to use a class for objects, you can use it for instances only. When you mention that you want to use a class for tags, you’ll be able to use it to assign tags to items from the editor. Learn more.

You might be asking yourself, what happened to the old tag feature? It’s still there, only now it goes by Free Text Tag, and it works the way it always has.

New project creation flow

Say goodbye to the three-step project creation flow. You’re left with one step only. That step consists of choosing your project name, description, and type. Learn more.

Other changes and improvements

  • Now you can move and copy items in Video Projects and Text Projects.
  • We deprecated Duplicate Mode in the Vector Editor.
  • SDK changelog

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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