May 22, 2022

This release brings you new functionalities in the Explore tab and the Point tool in the Video Editor. You can also create a keypoint workflow from the user interface and delete the download folders from the Download tab. Keep reading to learn more!

New display for the Explore tab

Now you can modify the display of the Explore tab. Under Display Settings, you can:

  • Change the opacity of the instances.
  • Show or hide the item information such as approval status, item name and status, class names, and attribute names.
  • Show or hide instances that have a specific class.

Learn more.

Point tool in the Video Editor

The Point tool is now available in the Video Editor. It can be used to annotate and track small objects and shape variations. It covers many use cases such as shape variations for motion tracking, facial landmark detection, hand gesture recognition, and more. Learn more.

Other features and improvements

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