December 21, 2023

In this release, we’ve brought new components to LLMs and GenAI projects, updates to Analytics and Explore, an external event to Orchestrate, and more!

December 3, 2023

This release brings the Annotate Similar feature in Explore, Secrets and Monitoring in Orchestrate, a new component and feature in LLMs and GenAI projects!

November 12, 2023

This release brings you Component distribution in Analytics, Polygon autotracking, a new event in Orchestrate, and more!

October 22, 2023

With this update, we bring you updates to Orchestrate, query search and a Web component for LLMs and GenAI projects, and more!

October 1, 2023

This release brings you the new FineTune, Explore and Orchestrate layout, Comments in the Text Editor, annotation storage options, and more. Read on!

September 10, 2023

In this release, we introduce the new Relationship class for the Text Editor, annotation storage options, live Embeddings generation, and more!

August 31, 2023

This release brings you the overhauled Pipelines feature, as well as the addition of Natural Language Search to the Explore tab. Take a look!

August 20, 2023

This release, we bring you the brand-new Custom LLM Editor! We’ve also added Embedding features to the Explore tab, as well as improvements to the Analytics tab and Video Editor. Check them out!

July 30, 2023

This update brings you the newly overhauled Analytics, the Custom Integration, a few improvements to the Video Editor and more. Read on!

July 9, 2023

With this release, we’re introducing Groups and improvements to the Magic Select and Autotrack features! Read on to learn more about the changes.