Import items

There are two main ways of importing data:

Method 1

Add an item to the SuperAnnotate platform using one of the following methods:

Each data item should be a valid JSON file. A key advantage here is that you can specify your own schema and modify the values in the UI builder or in the code editor.


Let’s assume we have a JSON file imported from an AWS S3 bucket using the cloud integration method.

JSON file:

            "name": "My conversation",
            "category": "Cooking",
            "image_url": ""

Let’s assume you want to display the name and category values as paragraphs on the UI. To do this, you simply need to add the {{}} and {{metadata.category}} expressions in the component configuration field, as it is shown below:

Text expression

For cases that include a data item that should be signed as an integration item, you need to use a specific function: {{sign(metadata.image_url)}}

Signed url expression

Method 2

Add an item to the SuperAnnotate platform using item generation. In this case, you will need to input data manually from the code editor.